A.Y.M. - Anointed Youth Ministry

The Anointed Youth Ministry of Win 1 is answering the question, what can I do? For years now children have heard one single message from churches all over the world; you can’t do that. As parents and adults we must not only convey to children what isn’t acceptable, but we must expose them to what is available to them in Christ. Anointed Youth Ministry is forging a new day where the needs of our youth are being address and met by creative and effective mediums that do not compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our youth have not been able to express their love and adoration for Christ. The day has come and now is the time for youth leaders and churches all around the world to hear the voice of the Lord and give our youth programs and events that will cause them to flourish and excel in every area of their lives, while growing in stature and in the Lord. The following is an outline of the various outreaches, outings, and events that are sponsored by Anointed Youth Ministry: