M.O.V.E. - Men Of Valor & Excellence

The Men’s Fellowship of Win 1 is on the M.O.V.E. The focus of the men’s fellowship is to restore men back to their God given place within society, family community and ministry. Just as David found Himself in the cave of Adullam, surrounded by men that were distressed, discontented, in debt and in need of salvation, God has raised up M.O.V.E. to be a conduit of healing and restoration. Along with restoration, M.O.V.E. will present men with avenues to bond and release frustrations that sometimes can’t be shared with spouses or family. Recreational Outing and opportunities for ministry will all serve to edify men from all walks of life, establishing a new day and order. Jesus told Peter, “…after you are converted go and strengthen your brother.” As M.O.V.E. strengthens the men it serves, they are required to do the same for others. M.O.V.E. endeavors to build its visibility within the community and ministry while leading and supporting the work that has set before WIN 1. M.O.V.E. is geared towards establishing programs and various initiatives for the betterment of the community and ministry at large. The following is an outline of the various outreaches, outings, and events that are sponsored by Men Of Valor & Excellence:

JETHRO is an outreach of older men to younger men. Just as Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, took Moses aside and gave him wisdom, older men must take young men under their wings and mentor them while steering them from common mistakes into precise life choices. JETHRO will give many young men without fathers a chance to bond and learn from God fearing men into responsible and productive citizens. Recreational Outings Mentoring Programs Visitation of Juvenile Detention Facilities Community Outreach & Development Edification & Restoration of Men Economic Development & Empowerment Health & Fitness