Our Leadership

The Leadership of Win 1 is focused on winning the lost for Christ and towards the edification and perfection of the body of Christ. The word perfection translated means maturity. When the Apostle Paul began to write to the church in Ephesus he was explaining the duties of The Five-Fold-Gift Ministry. The job of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher has not changed. These Offices are still present today for the perfecting of the saints, bringing them to a point of maturity, for the work of the ministry, and for the edifying of the Body Of Christ. Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Spiritual Authority is one topic that is sometimes misunderstood and abused. That’s why here at WIN 1 we covet and thank God for the leading of the Holy Spirit. For the Bible declares that, they that are led by the Spirit Of God are sons of God. Even though we have a vision and a mission from the Lord we still have to rely on the Spirit’s leading to know when and when not to take certain actions. We want the Spirit to have His free reign in everything that we do. As leadership is obedient to the Spirit, leadership can then lead the people. The bible states that Christ gave some Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Eph 4:11-16). Along with the other leadership positions establish by the Apostles these People help lead the church into the place God would have it to go. ers of Music Ministers

Pastor Debra Stallworth

“Empowering men, women and children to Win A World For Christ, by developing the whole man spirit, soul and body; understanding, If Every One Won One, Everyone Would Be Won!”