Dr. Lewis D. Stallworth III


Pastor "Lady" Debra Stallworth

Pastor “Lady” Debra Stallworth grew up as an active and enthusiastic participant within the church community. Under the leadership of the late Bishop John Slack Sr., she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and received the Holy Ghost at an early age. Lady served as a committed youth leader during her membership at Free Spirit, Church of God in Christ, where her father, Arthur Boone, pastored. During that foundational season, she grew and developed in the realm of ministry.

In 2000, she married Apostle Lewis D. Stallworth III who served as the founder and pastor of Winning the World for Christ. In 2001, Lady earned her ministry license and was ordained as a prophetess. In obedience to the Lord, they launched Winning the World for Christ International Fellowship. In 2001, they also ministered faithfully in Africa and China on numerous occasions. The Stallworths opened a public American English school in China and throughout that profound season, the Gospel was successfully preached on 5 continents within 12 different countries. Glory to God!

Pastor Debra Stallworth has served the kingdom faithfully and effectively as: an intercessor, preacher, bible studies teacher, women’s ministry servant, and marriage ministries servant. However, her greatest spiritual passion and gifting is intercession; ushering in the complete will of God while standing in the gaps for others. This intercessory calling led to the birthing of the Win One Woman intercessory prayer and support group.

In 2014, Lewis and Debra Stallworth founded Win 1 (non-profit Organization) in Valencia, California. After serving the community and undergoing pastoral training, in 2016 Debra Stallworth was Ordained as senior Pastor of Win 1 where she currently pastors. In addition, Pastor Stallworth is the proud mother of nine beautiful children and the delightful grandmother of nine precious grandchildren. She is dedicated to ministering healing to the body mind and spirit to women who have been violated or devastated by broken, abusive relationships. Her heart’s desire is to see women and marriages restored unto the glory and honor of God.

Win 1 Mission & Vision


“Empowering men, women and children to Win A World For Christ, by developing the whole man spirit, soul and body; understanding, If Every One Won One, Everyone Would Be Won!”

Win 1 is more than a church; we are believers working effectually to win souls for our Lord and Savior while perfecting, strengthening, and edifying the body of Christ. We believe, “IF EVERYONE WON ONE, EVERY ONE WOULD BE WON!” Win 1, under the auspices of Winning A World For Christ Fellowship, is geared towards:

1. Reconciling the lost to God through Jesus Christ.
2. Serving those that are discontented and in need of food, shelter, and clothing.
3. Making resources, talents and skills available for the development and betterment of the community.
4. Serving as an example for those in need of direction.
5. Demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit in song, deed, and speech.
6. Teaching and proclaiming the Gospel Of Jesus Christ with conviction and in sound doctrine.
7. Representing the Kingdom Of God.
8. Giving our Lord and Savior all praise, honor and glory through radical praise and worship.
9. Developing the Whole Man Spirit, Soul and Body.
10. Possessing the land by developing various enterprises that intern offer employment and resources needed for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.
11. Demonstrating the love of God through our words as well as our actions.
12. Strengthening and commissioning the 24 hour Church to do greater works, while branching out into various industries with an effective vision.

Although the focus is on the lost, there will always be a need for various services and programs for the members and partners of WIN 1. These programs and services are dedicated to the development and commissioning of every willing participant. WIN 1 is ready, by the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, to edify each believer in Spirit, Soul, and Body.