B.B.C - Bible Boot Camp

Win 1 Bible Boot Camp was designed to engage students in an accelerated bible training course. In a day and time where everyone has an opinion on everything, it’s refreshing to know that God has the last say. We believe that the Word of God is the infallible truth. In studying the Word, you’ll discover that we are governed by foundational truths and principles. A Doctrine that, when understood, can change the world. Knowing this, we endeavor to teach and preach it till Christ returns. For how can we work successfully, and be the people God has predestined us to be when we don’t understand the basic principles that govern our faith, walk, and belief in Jesus Christ.

Our Bible Boot Camp is geared to teach each student how to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Various teachers and ministers of the gospel will bless those interested in enrolling. This training course is designed for the complete readiness in ministry of each participant; affording them the aptitude to spread the Gospel in truth and in sound doctrine. Men and women of God that are qualified and ordained to bring a Rhema word will teach students bible principles that will guide the individual to an experience with the Father. Students will be required to participate in class assignments, discussions, activities, exams and final exams.

The Church can no longer afford to just acquire pew members. We must now raise disciples, which interpreted means students. B.B.C. is looking for Believers who have decided to learn of God; allowing His word to become flesh in their lives.