C.E.C.F. - Churches Empowering Children & Families

Churches Empowering Children & Families realizes that the scope of the traditional family has changed and single parent homes are more prevalent in this day and age. C.E.C.F. also understands, more often that not, that the idea of a traditional family ranks second place in today’s society. Our primary goal is to strengthen the family unit, single as well as traditional. This edification in turn will create a healthy environment where children can thrive and succeed morally, socially, and academically. C.E.C.F. also endeavors to create a higher level of family involvement in our communities, schools and churches. Our goal is to encourage fellowship among churches within a given community to initiate collaborations that fuse resources to aid children as well as families to grow and reach their full potential. If we are honest, all of us do one thing really well. If we all could take what we do well and join up with others, we can realize a day when the church truly becomes one body. Although various churches have different purposes we should all function effectively for the betterment of the body and community at large. C.E.C.F. also endeavors to partner with local and federal governments, along with corporate sponsors to best utilize resources that have previously been set aside for the purpose of strengthening our families, revitalizing our communities and ensuring an equal and effective education for all children. C.E.C.F. believes these partnerships are vital to the continued stability and success of our communities, schools, businesses, and churches. The aforementioned, with the help of partnering churches, local and federal government along with corporate partnerships will be accomplished by the following:

a. Employment

Employment is a vital element to the lifeline of the family unit. C.E.C.F. strives to cultivate and obtain employment opportunities so families can, at the least, attain and sustain the bare necessities of life; food, clothing, and shelter.

b. Job Fairs

Job Fairs offer those who seek employment the opportunity to speak directly to H.R. Managers from participating companies looking to hire. C.E.C.F. works diligently to foster successful relationships with corporate partners.

c. Job Training

Job Training can lead to the start of a new career. Not acquiring a new skill may be the one thing keeping some from desired positions and wages. The world is ever changing, bringing with it new technologies and new industries.

d. Education

Education is the key to a successful future for children, as well as driven adults. Knowledge is power, and once empowered, an individual can forge roads to a better tomorrow.

e. Nutrition

Nutrition has become a part of every child’s daily routine. A healthy lifestyle starts with what we eat. Too many children go to school and to bed hungry every day. This trend must change for the betterment of our families. C.E.C.F. has in times past and will continue to introduce food programs that will allow families to have proper daily nutrition.

f. Counseling

Counseling must become a part of the revitalization of the family unit. More often than not, people go through life dealing with issues they have not been trained or equipped to handle. Families have to steer away from the notion that counseling is only for those who are experiencing emotional break downs or mental problems. Family counseling sessions, guided by a trained professional, can prove to be beneficial for the growth and stability of the family unit.

g. Housing

Housing or shelter is an important part of the bare necessities of life. Depending on where you live, finding affordable housing can present itself as a giant that can’t be slain. With the help of corporate sponsors, local government agencies, federal government agencies, and partnering churches, affordable housing can be realized through comprehensive and fair housing programs for families not necessarily enrolled in welfare programs.

h. After-School Programs

A Special Report from America After 3 PM suggests that American families are very different today than they were a century or even 50 years ago. In 1950, 56 percent of families fit the “traditional” image of one parent at home, caring for children full-time, while the other parent held a job. Today, less than one-fourth of our nation’s families fit that image because many more women hold paying jobs.

In addition, both men and women are working more hours. Average work hours per adult increased 7.9% between 1960 and 1998. But while the work day has grown longer, the school day has not. The gap between work and school schedules presents working parents with the challenge of finding someone to care for their children after the school day ends and while they are still at work.

America After 3 PM revealed that more than 14 million K-12 youth spend some portion of the after-school hours taking care of themselves, while only 6.5 million K-12 youth participate in after-school programs. C.E.C.F. Endeavors to provide these children who care for themselves a safe place to go after school. With our partnering churches, we will begin to offer after-school programs that are adult supervised and conducive to getting homework done as well as providing extra curricular activities.

i. Summer Programs

C.E.C.F. Will begin to introduce summer programs that allow children to continue to sharpen their academic skills while still enjoying the fun children should experience during the summer months. With the aid of our partnering churches, local and federal government, and corporate sponsors we will offer programs that spark the interest of children while exploring various mediums that can aid in the academic development of participating students.

Whether it’s taking students on camping trips, in class activities, or outdoor activities, C.E.C.F. will engage in efforts to change the way parents deal with the summer months. Not all have the means to take summer vacations. The majority of parents still have to work strait through the summer months. This is an opportunity for us as churches to step up and truly aid our communities with an issue that can be dangerous and frightening.

Many parents will not admit it, but far too many underage children spend way too much time unsupervised during the summer months. This has led to an increase in child abductions and children winding up in the emergency rooms. If we fuse our resources as churches, we can provide these parents with peace of mind. The last thing we want is for parents to have to make a choice between child safety and working to provide for their families. Become a partner today and let’s take back our communities for our children and families.