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Services, Events & Orientations

The various services and orientations implemented at Win 1 are geared towards the lost and the believer, bringing each soul into a profound revelation and relationship with Christ. Services are power packed and led by the Spirit of God. Orientations are structured to be informative and are focused on the development of all who attend. These services and orientations include but are not limited to the following:

Sunday Worship

WIN 1 is a ministry bringing the young and old together to experience a powerful move of God. In every service we anticipate the miraculous, for the bible says, “THESE SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW THOSE THAT BELIEVE.” Join us as we delve into the Word of God, expounding on truths and revelations that will cause you to grow. Participate in our radical praise and worship that invokes the very presence of God. Come expecting the hand of God to move for you, while anticipating the breaking of your new day! 

Bible Boot Camp

Our Bible Boot Camp is focused on teach each student how to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Various teachers and ministers of the gospel will bless those interested in enrolling. This training course is designed for the complete readiness in ministry of each participant; affording them the aptitude to spread the Gospel in truth and in sound doctrine. Men and women of God that are qualified and ordained to bring a Rhema word will teach students bible principles that will guide the individual to an experience with the Father.

Intercessory Prayer

The Bible declares that men ought to always pray and not faint. Paul begins to admonish us to pray for those in positions of authority so we may lead a quiet and peaceful life. Now is the time for us to pray! If there has never been a time to seek the Lord, that time is now. Jesus spoke in parable about the ten virgins and how five had extra oil and the five that remained only had enough for right then. We need extra oil today. An extra anointing to fulfill the work that God has commissioned us to take on. We see that both groups of women had the same opportunity to fill their lamps but only the wise virgins took heed to the warning. It’s time for us to pray, communicating to the Father while standing in the gap for our families, our children, our finances, our communities, our cities, our states, countries, our nation, and our churches for the salvation of them all. Who will stand watch in these last days that are filled with uncertainty and promise? Who Will Stand? Come join us for Intercessory Prayer!

Youth Night

Win 1 Youth Night is geared towards engaging our youth with various activities and outings that allow the youth express themselves while enjoying various attractions and entertainment venues around the city. Youth Night will also give youth a chance to explore their talents and interests, giving way to a creative melting pot of ideas and expressions. From putting on productions to enjoying gospel concerts, Youth Night will tap into all facets of entertainment, education, and self expression. Youth Night will also give parents a chance to get away and enjoy adult outings and events.

Friday Night Fire

Friday Night Fire is a night of open mic praise and worship. We invite all who are interested to come out and enjoying those who have a desire to grace the microphone with singing, spoken word, hip hop, musicianship and much more, all in an effort to glorify God. Come and experience a new day in praise and worship giving God the best of what He’s given us.

New Member Orientation

This orientation is geared towards helping new members understand the vision, mission and order that God has placed here at WIN 1. The Orientation will also focus on the various ministries, departments, and outreaches that have been developed for the betterment of the salvation of nations and the edification of believers New Believer Orientation This orientation is geared towards helping new believers understand their newfound position and relationship in and with Jesus Christ. These classes will establish the foundational truths that are essential to the everyday life of a believer. Each class instructor will provide every participant with outlines for every topic discussed. These outlines can be used for personal study time.